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As a highly experienced lawyer in Pennsylvania Attorney Mark Thomas Sophocles advises and represents his clients on commercial transactions, premises liability, landlord-tenant disputes and a myriad of complex issues surrounding litigation. His practice also includes residential and commercial real estate advice, preparation of deeds and with handling complex litigation.

Automobile Liability

Like every area of specialization in which the attorney has longstanding experience, the many automobile liability cases that Mark Sophocles has successfully navigated for clients include everything from DUI cases to product liability. In each case, the dedicated lawyer brings inside knowledge of law enforcement as well as automotive, roadway and transportation safety rules and regulations.

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Structured Settlements

The Law Offices of Mark Thomas Sophocles represent a variety of companies, individuals and related legal entities who purchase structured settlements, annuity streams and lottery winnings. He frequently represents a multitude of large and small clients located throughout the United States on the complex issues concerning the reassignment, transfer, sale and purchase of annuities, structured settlement rights, lottery prizes and other winnings.

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Real Estate Law

With extensive experience and knowledge of residential and commercial real estate issues, Mark Sophocles is the

best attorney for your case. We represent buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, developers and investors.

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